How you can deal with another pesky, common commission objection.

Today I want to talk more about handling that dreaded question: Will you cut your commissions? This is my third video on this topic, so if you haven’t seen the previous one, watch it here. There’s a reason why I’m covering this topic so much—you need to protect your value, and this is how you do it.

You may have heard this before, but remember that “in the absence of value, price is an issue.” I’ve repeated it each time because it’s important

If you’re at this point, you should be excited. You’re at the table with the seller, you’ve isolated all the other objections, and as long as you can address the commission, you should be able to sell their home.

“Are you looking to do your friend a favor or sell your home for the most money possible?”

The objection I want to talk about today is a common one. The seller might say that they have a friend or family member who’s an agent, and they’re willing to cut their commission. The first thing I do to handle this objection is agree with them. I say, “I’d be surprised if they didn’t know any other agents.” Most people know two or three at least.

Then you should shift and bring up their home value. I would say, “It sounds like you want to maximize the value of your home.” Get them to agree, and move on to the next point. 

This part can sometimes feel like a punch in the nose. I’ll ask them, “Are you looking to do your friend or family member a favor or sell your home for the most money possible?” The question should come back to them if they think you can sell their home.

If you have any questions about handling commission objections or real estate in general, feel free to call or email me. I would love to hear from you.