Here are the main differences between buyer’s agents and listing agents.

What are the differences between a buyer’s agent and a listing agent? In California, as a licensed real estate agent, we’re able to work with both buyers and sellers, as well as do commercial real estate and property management. Newer agents tend to work more with buyers because you’re working with a product—the homes listed on the multiple listing service (MLS). When working with sellers, you have to sell yourself to them, and that’s more challenging when you’re a newer agent.

“Listing agents have more control over their time than buyer’s agents.”

A second main difference is the amount of time required. A buyer’s agent working with three to five buyers only has time for those clients, and more “after hours” time will be necessary, including weekends. A listing agent can handle more sellers at a time; I’ve personally handled over 20 listings at one time. Listing agents have more control over their time than buyer’s agents. They still need to be available to clients via phone and email to market listings, but they won’t be driving out to properties outside of their usual work hours. In terms of time management, there’s an advantage to being a listing agent.

The third difference is marketing leverage. While marketing their listings, listing agents will get leads for more listings and buyers. However, a listing agent will have to spend more money upfront for the marketing before the house is sold. 

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