Today I discuss how you know if a listing is a “gimme” or not.

For my listing presentations, I have three different stages. Today I’ll go over the first of the three stages.

Stage one means that I know for sure that they want to list their home with me. I know this listing is a gimme. For instance, my very first listing was someone getting divorced and wanted to list their home. After you complete your research and pre-listing questionnaire and you ask them what they think the list price should be, if they’re very close or right on, then that listing is a gimme.

Gimme listings are also defined by knowing their motivation for selling. When you know their motivation, don’t show up at the house and talk yourself out of a listing. In stage one, you do not want to lose a listing by talking too much about pricing or market factors and overwhelming the client. Simply show up and get the listing contract signed. Even in this digital world, I still bring a paper copy for them to sign, which I send a digital copy of later.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via phone or email. I am always happy to talk.