Here are the four requirements for prospecting your SOI database.

Picking up where we left off in my last video, we’re taking a deeper look into our sphere of influence database—or, as I call them, our ‘mets.’ The goal is to market and prospect to this group, which will generate leads, create clients, and bring in contracts; as I mentioned before, this repeat and referral business is at the core of everything we do as real estate professionals. However, for our prospecting efforts to work, four requirements must be met: 

1. They must know us. If I call, email, or text them, they recognize my name or at least recognize me as a real estate agent. 

2. They have to love us. Well, ‘love’ may be too strong of a word, but they definitely need to like us. You can’t repulse clients by doing things like smoking, having a messy counter, blabbing on about inappropriate topics like politics, etc.

“Repeat and referral business is at the core of everything we do.”

3. They have to trust us as real estate professionals. Did we demonstrate our competency and resourcefulness to them? Are there ways that we could demonstrate that to them now?

4. We have to remind them to do business with us. A simple check-in can help us stay top of mind. 

Stay tuned for part three of this series wherein I’ll talk more about how we go about building trust and tactfully reminding them to work with us. If you have any questions about this or another real estate topic, as always, feel free to call, text, or email me. I’m here to help.