Here are a few basic definitions to help you understand probates.

I recently hosted a webinar on probates and how they might affect your real estate transactions. I wanted to share a clip of that class with you today. The goal is to give you enough working knowledge that you can talk to clients and probate attorneys while understanding the process. To do that, we have to go over some basic definitions first.

**You can watch the full episode above, or you can skip to each section using the timestamps provided below: **

0:13 — What is probate?

1:30 — How you might avoid probates

2:27 — The executor or personal representative

3:38 — Probate attorney vs. Pro per

4:17 — Court confirmation

5:07 — Probate referee

I hope this gave you a good primer on what probate is. If you have questions about this or any other real estate topic, feel free to call or email me. I’m always willing to chat.