What is a CRM, what should it be able to do, and why is it important?

CRM stands for client relationship management software or systems. Everyone in sales has to have some type of system to keep track of their clients and nurture relationships, whether that be on paper, in files, or in spreadsheets. We need to keep track of potential leads, sellers, buyers, and people in our sphere of influence that we want to nurture. 

At a minimum, you need a system that will store the client’s name, email, phone number, address, and notes about them. These days, they’ll all be cloud-based as opposed to desktop-based, meaning you can get to your system from smartphones and other computers. I’m still old school and back up my data, so I’ll export my contacts from my CRM and put them into Google contacts, which is free. Then I even go one step further and export my Google contacts to a spreadsheet on my desktop, just in case. 

“At a minimum, you need a system that will store clients’ data.”

You want a CRM that will allow you to do drip campaigns. For example, if you have a seller who won’t be selling for six months, you want to keep your name in front of them, so you’ll set up a drip campaign that will send you reminders to send them texts and emails. Or even better, you can set up an automation in the system that sends out texts, emails, reports, and videos to them at the right time. 

You also need to be able to send out mass emails. For instance, if I get a new listing, I may want to blast that information to my entire database. Or if something just changed in the market, I might want to send that specifically to sellers, so one email can be sent to 100 people at a time. 

Finally, you need a CRM that can incorporate videos, like the one above. The CRM I’m currently using is called kvCORE, and I feel it’s the best bang for my buck because it’s much more than a CRM; it can also do an array of other automations.

If you have questions about CRMS or any other real estate matter, feel free to call or text me. If you want a CRM recommendation, there are many out there and I’ve used a bunch of them, so I can point you in the right direction.